Associated Services

Associated Services


Brendon and Kara Walsh are the owners and founders of GrowFARM®.  Brendon and Kara help sheep and beef farm owner operators and family businesses who want to increase their net worth and/or land ownership, but who have the challenge of trying to create the profit they need to be able to solidly fund and justify those next steps. Brendon’s message is simple “Sheep and Beef farmers can have profit, EVERY year!”

The GrowFARM® mission is to change the nation by helping sheep and beef farmers generate more success in their businesses and lives. Brendon believes that the best way to achieve a strong sheep and beef farming industry is to help sheep and beef farmers and their businesses become strong, regardless of the external influences and factors beyond their direct control.


Their clients have been experiencing some rapid changes in their profitability and have set their businesses up to keep making solid profits from one year to the next. These farmers seem to be simplifying their decision making, taking control of their businesses and time, and putting in place systems that create profit every year. This removes stress and creates confidence about their and their family’s futures.

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