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Latest News / Features

Latest News / Features

Team member profile - Gopal Jee Jha


Gopal Jee Jha is one of our superstar Client Managers at MCI’s Dannevirke practice. 


Gopal has been an accountant in New Zealand since April 2018, working in the South Island. He moved to Dannevirke and joined the MCI team as a Client Manager at the beginning of last year. Gopal works closely with others in the Practice and deals with a number of clients at any given time


Gopal enjoys interacting with his clients for information required for completing the financials and help them to solve issues. He is a whiz at preparing financial statements and income tax returns.


We asked Gopal a couple of questions!


What’s the best part of your day? 

All 24 hours – every breath I take is important. We cannot let any moment go away aimlessly and without meaning. As you know, all of us have a limited time here on earth. Having said that, morning gives me a really good kick.


Why Dannevirke instead of another location in NZ?

I love every part of New Zealand, however Dannevirke is just a beautiful part of the country and being a small rural town, has predominately farming businesses.  I have enjoyed working with these clients; sheep, beef, and dairy businesses, along with rental investment portfolios. I think that this is where I belong. 


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