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Latest News / Features

With the Government announcing on Monday 20th April that the country and businesses can move to Alert Level 3 as from Tuesday 28th April, we advise that we will have some of our team resume working from within our offices from this date, with the remainder of staff continuing to work remotely.

However, our offices will remain closed to the public as under Alert Level 3, we cannot have any direct contact with clients.  This means that we cannot have any client meetings face to face so these will need to continue to happen either via phone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other way we can possibly have them in the interim period.

We will have in both our office foyers, a secure drop off box if you wish to come and deliver documentation to us, but the doors to reception will be locked.  Our staff will empty those boxes multiple times throughout the day, so that at all times your information will be as secure as possible.  If the paperwork you do deliver to our office is urgent, can you please mark this on it so that we can treat it with a little bit more urgency.  Otherwise to avoid any cross contamination to our staff, we will be setting it aside for a couple of days before opening it to ensure there is no risk.

Another requirement for us to resume working from the office, is that we must maintain a register for contract tracing purposes if required.  This will mean that if you do deliver any documentation to the office, that the name and contact phone number of the person delivering this documentation to us will be recorded on our register.  Can you please ensure that you write this on the envelope that the papers are inside?  This information will be held securely and only be used for this purpose.  After 4 weeks the information will be destroyed unless a longer timeframe is specified by Worksafe or another relevant government department.

As you will all understand, we are all having to do things a little bit differently at present and we can only hope that things can return to normal as soon as possible.

If we can assist you in anyway, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, either by phone or email, we are here to help.