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Are you a buisness owner? Are you complying with the new Health & Safety at Work Act?

We have found a program which could help you. It's called Safe365.

Safe365 is a simple, intelligent, cloud-based self-assessment and diagnostic tool to help businesses understand their current health and safety capability and enable them to improve in the areas that need strengthening.

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Brendon and Kara Walsh are the owners and founders of GrowFARM®.  Brendon and Kara help sheep and beef farm owner operators and family businesses who want to increase their net worth and/or land ownership, but who have the challenge of trying to create the profit they need to be able to solidly fund and justify those next steps. Brendon’s message is simple “Sheep and Beef farmers can have profit, EVERY year!”

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Audit Shield Insurance


You may be aware that the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has increased their audit activity. This may increase the likelihood of you being selected for a random IRD audit.  A random audit (or review or Investigation) by the IRD will result in costs to you. Even if there are no adjustments to the return, there are still costs associated with the preparation of material and managing the response process.

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