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Tax Preparation / Business & Financial Planning / General Accounting

Our Core Services


Starting a Business

We will walk you through the necessary steps in establishing your business by:


  • Determining the viability of your proposal
  • Providing assistance with the employment of staff
  • Setting the objectives and goals for your business
  • Preparing a budget and cash flow forecast
  • Determining and setting up an appropriate ownership structure
  • Registering your business with the Inland Revenue Department
  • Establishing a financial operating system which will provide tax compliance and performance measurement





Running a Business

We will account for your business by:


  • Preparing annual financial statements that are clear and concise
  • Minimising your income tax
  • Helping you make sound business decisions
  • Ensuring that your business complies with all Inland Revenue Department requirements
  • Providing you with understandable interim financial reports that enable you to monitor your performance
  • Helping to ease the burden of paperwork through a full range of secretarial services
  • Providing a full payroll service
  • Providing a full ACC management service
  • Making sense of rapidly changing legislative responsibilities for business owners





Beyond the Business

We will facilitate the security of your financial wellbeing by:


  • Assisting with succession planning
  • Establishing a structure to protect your assets e.g. Trusts
  • Providing full trustee services
  • Working with financial advisors to ensure prudent management of your investments
  • Helping you to plan your retirement
  • Accounting for your estate




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