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  • Monday December 06

    Job Vacancy: People and Capability Manager

     People and Capability Manager Are you looking for a newly created role where you can really make your mark? Do you like motivating and leading others to achieve their potential? Come and be a part of our next chapter of growth! Part-time People and Capability Manager role with a staff management and training & development focus   About the role:…

  • Monday December 06

    The Farming Ecosystem

    The Farming Ecosystem This month we talk Agri Tech and what we use here at MCI & Associates to help manage our farming businesses, ensuring we get the most out of our clients’ data and putting that knowledge to good practice. Building a Farm Ecosystem ensures that you have real time data to make real time decisions. You do this…

  • Tuesday November 23

    Self-Employed Meals

    If an individual operates as a sole trader, as opposed to trading through a company, it allows for a simplified structure with fewer formal set-up tasks (and costs) and greater flexibility and control. However, differences can arise in how the income and expenditure of the sole trader are calculated, compared to the company.    Tax-deductible meal allowances are one such difference, where these can be paid by an…

  • Tuesday November 23

    The Ute – Kiwi Icon or Tax Dodge

    Recently, there has been a large volume of media attention, directed to the ‘ute’ and, it has become a focal point of protest action against the Government.    The Government announced the ‘Clean Car Discount’ scheme in June, which from 1 July until 31 March 2022 will see purchasers of important electric vehicles receive a rebate of $8,625 for new vehicles and $3,450 for used vehicles. Purchases of…

  • Tuesday November 23

    New Builds Discussion Document

    Since the Government’s announcement in March, regarding the tax-deductibility of interest on residential investment properties and the extension of the bright-line period to 10-years, investors have been waiting for more detail on the new rules.     On 10 June 2021, Inland Revenue released a 143-page discussion document titled “Design of the interest limitation rule and additional bright-line rules”, which provides further clarification on…

  • Tuesday November 23

    Redefining Succession to Transition

    There is a lot of talk about the aging demographic of New Zealand business owners, and what succession might look like for them down the road. For some businesses, the planning is purely around positioning a business to sell. But for most privately owned businesses in NZ, succession comes with the added complexity of keeping the business in the family.   Families are complex! Nearly everyone in a family will…

  • Tuesday November 23

    Herd it Here

    Welcome to our MCI & Associates Agri Advisory Series, Herd it Here, where we discuss hot Agribusiness topics to help support our community within the Tararua District.     Each month we will have a new topic to break down, and for this month we are all about Lambing. Our Red Meat specialist, Ross Harrington, lends you his experience and…

  • Monday November 15

    He Waka Eke Noa - We must get on the front foot

      Climate change – whether or not you are a believer - is a global issue that is now in our boot room and isn’t going away. In accordance with Aotearoa’s international commitment under the Paris Agreement, we have now committed to halving our current net greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030. To help meet this target, our primary…

  • Friday October 15

    Red Meat specialist talks Sheep Production

    Today I want to talk about sheep production and what differs between the Top 20 % to the rest.   Given where the Red Meat sector is placed at present with prices being at an all-time high, it’s a good time to look at your Farm Systems to try and capture some of the added value available. We must recognise…

  • Wednesday July 28

    Job Vacancy - Office Administrator

        We have a vacancy for an experienced Office Administrator at our Dannevirke Office   MCI & Associates is an accountancy firm with offices in Dannevirke and Pahiatua. We are looking for an experienced self-motivated person to fill this full-time position at our Dannevirke office. This is a full-time position but could be part-time for a suitably experienced applicant.   The…

  • Monday June 28

    Join Our Team - Administration Positions

    We are currently looking for two administration superstars to join our team! We are after an accounting assistant and a receptionist to join our busy accounting practice. We are a large locally owned, busy Chartered Accountants practice based in the Tararua with offices in Dannevirke and Pahiatua.  We provide accounting, compliance, advisory and governance services to a wide range of farming…

  • Thursday June 24

    We are hiring!

        Are you an Experienced Accountant?  We are a large locally owned, busy Chartered Accountants practice based in the Tararua with offices in Dannevirke and Pahiatua.  We provide accounting, compliance, advisory and governance services to a wide range of farming and commercial clients. We are looking to employ highly motivated, experienced accountants to join our team, and the ability to work…

  • Thursday June 10

    Team Member Profile - Gopal Jee Jha

    Team member profile - Gopal Jee Jha   Gopal Jee Jha is one of our superstar Client Managers at MCI’s Dannevirke practice.    Gopal has been an accountant in New Zealand since April 2018, working in the South Island. He moved to Dannevirke and joined the MCI team as a Client Manager at the beginning of last year. Gopal works closely…

  • Thursday June 10

    The Mirok Farms effect

    North India and Pahiatua are worlds apart, but two brothers have managed to bridge them, becoming the 2021 New Zealand Share Farmers of the Year.  Manoj Kumar and Sumit Kamboj grew up on their family’s cropping farm in North India, two hours drive from Delhi, which also includes around ten dairy cows.    Manoj finished his agricultural studies in India…

  • Thursday June 10

    Our recent webinars

    Our recent webinars   Here at MCI we have started a Advisory webinar series.  Sean Stafford presented a webinar on Redefining Succession to Transition. Sean spoke about the importance of communication within the family unit well in advance of a family succession taking place. View the recording here.   

  • Thursday June 10

    Supply shortages

    Supply shortages    COVID-19 has fundamentally disrupted global trade to the point there are a number of product shortages starting to play out, and in some cases some surprising items:    Shipping containers. With only two makers of shipping containers globally and containers being trapped in the congestion at ports, there is now a shortage of containers, let alone the…

  • Thursday June 10

    Fair market salary reminder

    Fair market salary reminder   There is a general need for a business to pay associated employees a fair market salary for their personal service. Given the implementation of a 39% personal marginal income tax rate on income over $180,000 from 1 April 2021, Inland Revenue’s scrutiny of such salaries is expected to increase.    This has been confirmed through…

  • Thursday June 10

    Defining repairs and maintenance

    Defining Repairs & Maintenance   Classifying expenditure as either deductible repairs and maintenance (R&M) or non-deductible capital expenditure is not clear cut. It is a question of fact and no two situations are the same. But it is advantageous from a tax perspective to classify as much expenditure as possible as R&M, which gives rise to the risk of pushing ‘the line’ too…

  • Thursday June 10

    Employment recovery

    Over a year on from New Zealand’s level four lockdown, businesses and communities alike have experienced their fair share of highs and lows. Employment levels slumped to an eight year low in September 2020, with over 150,000 unemployed people. So nearly six months on, how does the job market stack up now?   Statistics released by Seek NZ reveal that March 2021 saw the…

  • Thursday June 10

    Government addresses housing affordability

    On the 23 March 2021 the Government announced that it would make a number of changes to the taxation of residential property to address housing affordability. Legislation has been enacted implementing some of the announced changes, whilst the balance are to be consulted upon before further legislation is drafted.  Legislated changes The bright-line test taxes the sale of residential property if it is…